Stafford Has Proved His Point, Let’s See Stanton

December 7, 2009 on 1:09 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

The Lions may finally have the QB with the toughness and leadership ability to lead them moving forward. Matthew Stafford has made it clear that is one stubborn, tough-minded, sonofabitch. He has earned our respect, even while his rookie struggles have been less than pretty at times.

At this point, if the Lions are smart, they will put Stafford on ice, even if he can’t damage his shoulder any more than he already has. That being said, having him get rag-dolled by opponents repeatedly, in games that they have little chance of winning, is senseless. He has been spiked off of the turf enough, and proven to everyone that he will get up and keep asking for more. Stafford will not back down.

Any Guesses on Matthew Stafford's on Favorite "Other" Avocation?

Any Guesses on Matthew Stafford’s Favorite Non-Football Avocation?
The Lions defense is historically bad. Even if the Lions were to proffer a “perfect” game from it’s offense, which will never happen, their defense makes it highly improbable that the Lions could actually find their way to victory in that hypothetical game. It is time for the Lions to examine whether or not Drew Stanton can remain beyond this season as the team’s top backup and clipboard holder, since Stafford, whether he ever capitalizes on his potential, or not, is the man for the next five seasons, at least.

The Lions need to begin their evaluation process leading into the off-season. This season has been another awful failure, new coach and players be damned. There have been glimmers of hope, but that is a loser’s lament. The Lions need to re-trench and protect their organizations most salient asset, Matthew Stafford. Beyond that, the rest is perfunctory.

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